Dr. Schär’s Gluten-Free Breads Receive Kosher Certification

June 16, 2022  Dr. Schär USA 

Dr. Schär USA proudly announces that its gluten-free Artisan Baker Breads received Kosher certification under the Orthodox Union (OU)—thus validating the highest standards of kosher certification, as well as high quality food standard assurance.

Dr. Schär USA Celebrates Breaking Ground On Plant Expansion

September 24, 2021 Dr. Schär

On September 10th, 2021, Dr. Schär USA celebrated breaking ground on a 42,000 square foot expansion of its manufacturing facility in Logan Township. CEO Hannes Berger shared excitedly this expansion comes exactly 10 years after Dr. Schär took 8 shovels for their 8 US employees and broke ground on their New Jersey gluten-free bread production site in Logan Township! The plant expansion is needed to keep up with increasing demand of their gluten-free bread.