CAVA Opens a 55,000-Square-Foot Manufacturing Facility in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley

May 16, 2024 CAVA

As part of its ongoing work to build a scalable infrastructure to support its growth, the company made an initial investment of approximately $35 million in the facility, which manufactures CAVA’s proprietary dips and spreads, including tzatziki, harissa, and Crazy Feta®, as well as select dressings. Along with an existing facility in Laurel, Maryland, the Verona operation can support at least 750 restaurants and the expansion of CAVA’s consumer packaged goods business.

Atalanta Announces Strategic Acquisition of Mt. Vikos, an Authentic Greek Feta Brand

October 30, 2023 Atalanta

Atalanta is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Mt. Vikos, a renowned brand known for its exceptional line of authentic Greek Feta and spreads. This strategic move is a significant milestone in Atalanta’s commitment to expanding its product portfolio and delivering outstanding quality to its consumers.

Cheese Fight: EU Court Scolds Denmark, Rules Feta is Exclusively Greek

July 22, 2022 Brian Bushard, Forbes

European Union judges in Luxembourg ruled Thursday that Denmark was in violation of an EU geographic protection that declares “feta” a uniquely Greek cheese, a blow to Denmark, where companies had been labeling some hard cheeses as “feta” for nearly 60 years.

Daiya’s Latest Plant-Based Innovations, Inspired by Mediterranean Cheeses, Now Available: Unique Grilling Cheeze Block and a Made-to-Crumble Feta Style Block

June 9, 2022 Daiya Foods

Summer’s almost here and Daiya is set to delight taste buds with the launch of two new plant-based innovations just in time for BBQs, pool parties and other warm-weather activities. The most-trusted dairy-free cheese in America today announced its Daiya Grilling Cheeze Block, the first plant-based grilling cheeze made with oats and chickpeas, which forms a crispy, golden-burst outer crust without melting away when grilled or fried, and its new Feta Style Block, which crumbles easily—and beautifully!—for use in hot or cold recipes.  

Emmi Roth Expands Its Range of Specialty Cheeses With Addition of Athenos

December 8, 2021 Emmi Roth

Emmi Roth confirmed that it has completed the transfer of the Athenos business, expanding its range of specialty cheeses in the U.S. This follows the completion of the purchase of the Athenos business from the U.S. affiliate of Groupe Lactalis after the sale of the natural, specialty, and certain other cheese businesses from The Kraft Heinz Company on November 29, 2021.