In Mexico, Shuttered Cemeteries Mean Financial Ruin For Thousands of Flower Farmers

November 5, 2020 Esther Honig, The World

About 90% of Mexico’s floriculture is consumed domestically and demand coincides with several key holidays. Javier Jesús Ramírez Hernández, a professor of social sciences at the Autonomous University of The State of Mexico, has been studying the flower industry in Mexico for the last several years. He says he wouldn’t be surprised if as much as 80% of flower sales are lost this November, and the consequences could be long-term.

Columbus Region Flower Farms Happy to Delight the Pandemic-Weary

When the coronavirus pandemic unfurled in early March, Ohio’s flower farmers didn’t know what to expect.

Flower Farmers Struggling to Survive Coronavirus Shutdown

May 19, 2020 Ruby de Luna, KUOW

Farmers markets are slowly returning, but in a limited way. Only food farmers and producers will be selling. Flower farmers, will not. Yet, they’re one of the hardest hit businesses by the coronavirus shutdown.