AgroFresh Vice President of R&D and Regulatory Joins USDA-Backed Advisory Council

July 31, 2019 AgroFresh

Dr. Ann Beaulieu, vice president of R&D and regulatory at AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., will lend her expertise to an advisory council focused on improving access to nutritious foods, reducing food waste, advancing production systems for better nutrition, and developing crops with high nutritional value.

Future Cartons Will Track Milk From Farm To Fridge

Cornell food scientists are designing the milk carton of the future that will give consumers precise “best by” dates and improve sustainability by reducing food waste.

Tuna Hatchery Could be Coming to San Diego Bay

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) is awarding a $945,000 grant to Ichthus Unlimited, LLC to cultivate PBFT eggs as part of a sustainable model for farm production.

FFAR Announces $ 4M Animal Welfare Technology Research Initiative, In Partnership With McDonald’s

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) announces the launch of the SMART Broiler, a research initiative offering $4 million for research supporting the development and commercialization of automated monitoring tools that quantitatively assess key animal welfare indicators in broiler chickens.