Full Harvest Reduces Food Waste Faster by Expanding Supply Chain Digitization to All Produce Grades

May 3, 2023 Full Harvest

Full Harvest, a proven leader in the battle against food waste, today announced its expansion beyond surplus to all USDA Grade 1 produce on its online marketplace for commercial buyers and sellers. Solving the food waste problem faster by bringing the entire produce market online for more efficiencies, the addition expands its reach to retailers, food service companies, and direct-to-consumer distributors, among others.

Full Harvest Acquires FarmersWeb

December 5, 2022 Full Harvest

Full Harvest, the business-to-business produce marketplace specializing in surplus and imperfect produce, today announced the acquisition of FarmersWeb, a farm sales and inventory management SaaS provider. Adding FarmersWeb’s proven software capabilities to its technology pipeline, Full Harvest now has the ability to speed the delivery of advanced features for its produce suppliers and buyers – driving a more efficient, sustainable produce supply chain.

Full Harvest Accelerates Expansion of B2B Produce Marketplace

May 12, 2022 Full Harvest

Full Harvest, the business-to-business marketplace specializing in surplus and imperfect produce, today announced multiple milestones as it successfully scales its operations to help solve the $2.6T global food waste problem.

Two Good Yogurt Teams Up with Chef Marcus Samuelsson and Full Harvest this Earth Week to Combat a Leading Contributor to Climate Change – Food Waste

April 8, 2021 Danone North America

The partnership invites restaurants across the country to use rescued produce in their kitchens – a response to the reality that food waste is one of the single greatest contributors to climate change.

Two Good Yogurt Addresses Food Waste by Launching New Product Line Utilizing Verified Rescued Produce™ in Partnership with Full Harvest

December 16, 2020 Danone North America

Danone North America’s Two Good® Yogurt is tackling food waste with the introduction of its Good Save™ product line, wrapping a year of commitment to positive impact for people and the planet for the brand.