Index Fresh Excited for California Avocado Season This Year

January 15, 2020 Index Fresh

California-based global avocado marketer, Index Fresh is looking forward to an “on” year for the California crop. The company is expecting promotable volumes from late winter of 2020 into early fall. “We will be looking at extending the season on the front and back ends,” said Giovanni Cavaletto, VP of Sourcing at Index Fresh.

It’s the Season For the Precious GEM Avocado From Index Fresh

April 19, 2019 Index Fresh

From April to May, avocado lovers can enjoy a very special variety from Index Fresh — the GEM avocado. The California-based avocado marketer offered this unique variety last April. GEM is rich and nutty in flavor, and incredibly easy to peel when ripe. “Index Fresh tested the GEM with a consumer focus group who loved everything about it.