It’s the Season For the Precious GEM Avocado From Index Fresh

From April to May, avocado lovers can enjoy a very special variety from Index Fresh — the GEM avocado. The California-based avocado marketer offered this unique variety last April. GEM is rich and nutty in flavor, and incredibly easy to peel when ripe. “Index Fresh tested the GEM with a consumer focus group who loved everything about it. GEM’s flavor, appearance and peelability add up to a fantastic consumer experience,” said Dana Thomas, President of Index Fresh.

With the short season, Index Fresh believes that GEM is a good complement to the California Hass, and an opportunity to expand the avocado category. The GEM avocado, which is available in larger sizes, is striking in appearance — bright green color with golden speckles on its thick skin, which darkens as it ripens. “We believe that the GEM is a wonderful extension of the avocado category, not as a substitute to the Hass, but rather as an exciting addition to the avocado category,” said Thomas.

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