Index Fresh Announces Exciting New Promotion

March 2, 2023 Index Fresh

Index Fresh recently promoted Debbie Willmann to the position of Vice President of Sales. Her story is one of perseverance and excellence as she has been with the company for 33 years, starting as a temporary worker and rising within the company due to her talent, hard work, and dedication. Now she leads a team of account managers and credits Index Fresh for providing her with the opportunity to thrive.

Index Fresh VP of Sales Todd Elder Retires After 27 Years

February 14, 2023 Index Fresh

After 27 years and millions of pounds of avocados sold, Index Fresh Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Todd Elder is retiring. Over the course of his trailblazing career, Elder and his sales team helped to transform the avocado from an exotic fruit rarely seen outside of a chip and dip bowl to a produce section powerhouse beloved for its health attributes and its delicious versatility.

Index Fresh: Crowded US Avocado Market Forecasted to Cool Last Year’s Hot Prices

January 18, 2023 Index Fresh

Heavy volumes of avocado imports are expected in the US in 2023, which has industry experts anticipating a more saturated market than the avocado-lite 2022. Avocado packer and marketer Index Fresh is working to keep California growers informed and positioned to benefit from the best possible pricing windows amid potentially crowded market conditions.

Index Fresh Adds Nic Vallejo to Sales Team

December 8, 2022 Index Fresh

Avocado industry leader Index Fresh recently bolstered its sales staff with the addition of veteran produce salesman and lifelong avocado lover Nic Vallejo. When you grow up in the town that hosts the annual California Avocado Festival, Carpinteria, Calif., selling the fruit comes as naturally as the A-B-Cs. Vallejo has paired his early avocado immersion with 20 years of produce industry experience and over a decade of sales experience before being hired by Index Fresh.

Index Fresh Wraps Up a “Phenomenal” California Avocado Season

September 22, 2022 Index Fresh

Index Fresh is sticking a fork in one of the tastiest California avocado seasons ever. For avocado growers, the 2022 season meant six months of record pricing and returns on their fruit. For consumers of California avocados, the 2022 season meant excellent quality fruit that was available early and often.