Kitchen United, the Ghost Kitchen and Restaurant Hub Technology Pioneer, Announces $100M Series C Fundraise

July 25, 2022 Kitchen United

Kitchen United, ghost kitchen and restaurant hub technology pioneer, announced a $100M Series C fundraise, which includes some of the world’s preeminent financial and strategic investors.

Kristen Barnett and Hungry House Imagining The Spirit Behind Ghost Kitchens at The Ideation Fresh Foodservice Forum

There’s no denying we’re continuing a new era of food delivery, but how can we do it smarter and in a way that preserves both the brand and the hospitality diners crave? Kristen Barnett, founder and chief executive of Hungry House, Brooklyn, NY, is forging a new model for ghost kitchens, working with chefs to launch their signature menu items on the Hungry House platform, executed in the Hungry House kitchen.

Kroger Launches On-Premise Ghost Kitchens in Partnership with ClusterTruck

October 9, 2020 The Kroger Co.

The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR), America’s largest grocery retailer, today announced the launch of two on-premise kitchens, respectively at stores in Metro Indianapolis, IN and Metro Columbus, OH. Developed in partnership with ClusterTruck, a technology start-up that operates delivery-only restaurants, the kitchens will provide a variety of freshly prepared meals on-demand with no service or delivery fees.

US Foods Launches Ghost Kitchens Program to Help Operators Expand Off-Premise Dining and Create a New Revenue Stream

August 19, 2020 US Foods

US Foods Holding Corp. (NYSE: USFD), a leading foodservice distributor, today announced the launch of US Foods Ghost Kitchens, a program designed to guide restaurant operators every step of the way when opening their own operation, helping them easily add a new revenue stream.

Zuul Secures $ 9 Million to Operate Ghost Kitchens Throughout NYC

July 23, 2020 Zuul

Zuul announced today that it has secured $ 9 million in funding to expand its ghost kitchen operations throughout New York City. The company, which currently operates its flagship location at 30 Vandam Street, services brands that deliver to both residential and commercial customers throughout downtown Manhattan.