GoodLeaf Farms Launches Aggressive Expansion Plans

February 26, 2021 GoodLeaf Farms

With the closure of a successful new funding round, GoodLeaf Farms is embarking on an aggressive growth and expansion plan to build a national network of vertical farms that will bring fresh, delicious, nutritious and locally grown leafy greens to Canadians across the country.

GoodLeaf Farms is Bringing Local Greens to Ontario Year Round

September 17, 2020 GoodLeaf Farms

The revolutionary GoodLeaf Farms’ 4,000-square-metre indoor vertical farm is now fully operational.

Vertical Farming is the New Frontier in Delivering Freshness With Sustainability

September 11, 2019 GoodLeaf Farms

GoodLeaf Farms is revolutionizing farming in Canada. A state-of-the-art, fully automated 45,000 sq. ft. vertical farm is now operational in Guelph, ON., promising Ontarians a safe and steady supply of local, pesticide-free greens year-round.