Proposed High-Tech Greenhouse Relocating to Rowan County, KY Farm

January 9, 2019 Associated Press

AppHarvest founder and CEO Jonathan Webb told the Lexington Herald-Leader this week that the greenhouse proposed in Rowan County would be 60 acres and employ 285 workers, more than double what had been planned in Pikeville. He says the company is in the process of acquiring a 350-acre parcel for the project.

Sustainable Bananas in Greenhouses: First ‘Dutch Bananas’ Harvested

December 21, 2018 Wageningen University

“We developed this plan together with the local cooperation Boerenhart: the cultivation of a regional banana in the Wageningen greenhouses,” says Professor of Tropical Plant Pathology Gert Kema. “With this experiment we will investigate whether this cultivation offers prospects for further research into mastering Fusarium wilt. This is due to a soil borne fungal pathogen that threatens the banana production throughout the world. So we took the banana out of the soil.”

NatureFresh Farms Ohio-Based Greenhouse Growing Strong Throughout the Winter

December 18, 2018 NatureFresh Farms

With the last weeks of 2018 still ahead of us, NatureFresh™ Farms is in the thick of a third winter growing season at their Ohio-based facility.