Mission Foods Rises to Meet Changing Consumer Needs with New, Great-Tasting Variety for Health-Conscious Shoppers

September 16, 2021 Mission Foods

The company’s new gluten-free Almond Flour and Cauliflower Flour tortillas combine the authentic flavors and textures that consumers love about products from Mission Foods with the great-tasting variety that health-conscious consumers crave.

Bimbo and Gruma Want to Sell More Bread and Tortillas Abroad

March 5, 2021 The Economist

Mexico’s 126m people buy $55bn-worth of packaged food annually. Sales of such fare have been growing quickly. This trend should have lifted the likes of Bimbo and Gruma, its biggest maker of tortillas. Instead, like many Mexican businesses in recent years of sluggish economic growth, they have fallen out of favour with investors.

Unprecedented Gruma Growth Driven by Demand For Tortillas, Wraps, and Corn Flour in The United States

August 3, 2020 Gruma

In the U.S. market, the Mexican multinational saw a 5% sales volume increase to 383,000 tons. Corn flour sales were up 5%, while tortilla sales volumes grew 6%, driven primarily by consumer purchases in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide during the COVID-19 pandemic.