Green Life Farms to Acquire Finn Farms

August 20, 2021 Green Life Farms

Green Life Farms has reached an agreement to purchase Finn Farms, a hydroponic grower located on Florida’s West Coast. The transaction w

Natural Grocers Introduces GardenBox, its First Organic Hydroponic Farm to Supply Hyperlocal, Fresh Produce to its Communities

July 8, 2021 Natural Grocers

Natural GrocersTM, America’s Organic Headquarters®, is bringing local hydroponic, organic produce grown just steps away from its customers with the launch of its new hydroponic GardenBoxTM.

Spring Born Launches Website

June 17, 2021 Spring Born, Inc.

Spring Born, an indoor hydroponic farm, announced its website launch this week, highlighting the farm’s sustainable practices, state-of-the-art technology, and product offerings. Gearing up for the company’s August launch, they will offer four introductory varieties available in standard retail and club-pack sizes.

Village Farms Bee-Lives In Doing Good With IPM

June 11, 2021 Village Farms

Among Indoor farmers, especially hydroponic greenhouse growers, and more specifically high-tech Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), such as the type of farming Village Farms growers engage, an IPM program was developed and implemented with great success in the greenhouse industry thanks in large part to the contribution of Village Farms.

State-of-the-Art Hydroponic Greenhouse in Virginia Beach to Create 155 New Jobs

Governor Ralph Northam announced that startup company Sunny Farms, LLC will invest $59.6 million to establish a state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse for production, workforce development, and research in the City of Virginia Beach.