JBS Will Have the Largest Beef Unit in Latin America in Mato Grosso do Sul

April 17, 2024 JBS

The Campo Grande II unit was one of those authorized in March. Built in 2007 and acquired by JBS in 2010, it currently has 2,300 employees and produces 440 tons of meat and 136 tons of hamburgers (or 2.4 million units) every day. In addition to China, the factory can export to the United States, Algeria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, the European Union and Chile, among others.

New York Sues Beef Producer JBS for ‘Fraudulent’ Marketing Around Climate Change

March 7, 2024 Michael Copley, NPR

New York state Attorney General Letitia James sued beef producer JBS in state court for allegedly misleading the public about a pledge the company made to slash its climate pollution in the coming decade. Prosecutors said JBS continued making deceptive marketing claims even after a consumer watchdog group recommended the company stop advertising because it didn’t have a strategy to achieve its climate target.

JBS to Pay $25M in Latest Beef Price-Fixing Settlement in US Court

April 20, 2023 Mike Scarcella, Reuters

JBS SA has agreed to pay $25 million to commercial beef purchasers that accused the meat-packing company of conspiring with industry rivals to restrict market supply in order to keep prices artificially high.

Friboi Debuts Two Premium Canadian Beef Brands in Brazil

March 31, 2023 JBS

Friboi, a JBS company leader in the beef segment in Brazil, has just carried out the first ever importation of Canadian beef into Brazil. The unprecedented move will enable the debut of two new premium brands from JBS Canada in the Brazilian market: Canadian Diamond Black Angus and Canadian Diamond Beef. The new products will be marketed by Friboi to customers in retail and food services.

JBS Goes Up in CDP Global Sustainability Ranking

December 30, 2022 JBS

JBS, the world’s largest food company, improved its performance in the CDP 2022 Climate Change Report, the largest and most respected global platform for corporate sustainability information.  In this year’s ranking, which has just been released, the institution raised the Company’s score from B to A- in Climate Change, above the average score (C) for food and beverage companies.