Friboi Debuts Two Premium Canadian Beef Brands in Brazil

SÃO PAULO – Friboi, a JBS company leader in the beef segment in Brazil, has just carried out the first ever importation of Canadian beef into Brazil. The unprecedented move will enable the debut of two new premium brands from JBS Canada in the Brazilian market: Canadian Diamond Black Angus and Canadian Diamond Beef. The new products will be marketed by Friboi to customers in retail and food services.

“This move shows that we are confident in the Brazilian demand for premium beef. Moreover, it proves that, just as the Canadian market is open to Brazil, the Brazilian market is also open to Canadian producers. Our country has room to sell high quality premium products, and Canada will be an excellent partner to meet this market demand”, says the Executive Director of Imports at Friboi, Gustavo Meneses.

The operation shows that the commercial relationship between Brazil and Canada is really reciprocal. In August 2022, Friboi made the first shipment of Brazilian fresh beef to Canada, exporting 27 tons of the product. “The quality of our production in both countries is proven by customers and consumers. Therefore, it is important that our brands occupy more and more space in both markets,” highlights the Executive Director of Exports at Friboi, Luís Rota.

In this first importation, Friboi brought 11.8 tons of fresh beef produced by JBS Canada at the Brooks plant, in the province of Alberta. Of the total, 5.3 tons are Angus beef and 6.5 tons Diamond Beef. The products have already arrived in Brazil through the Port of Santos. With this operation, JBS expands the supply of premium meats imported from other countries, such as the United States, Australia, Uruguay and Argentina. In 2022, the Company imported 2,000 tons from these markets.

About Friboi 
A market leader in Brazil and with more than six decades of history, Friboi revolutionized the animal protein segment by “de-commoditizing” beef. Present in over 150 countries, it has 36 production facilities in the country, responsible for producing one of the most complete portfolios in the sector, which is marketed under the brands Friboi, Reserva Friboi, Maturatta Friboi, Do Chef Friboi, 1953 Friboi, and Friboi Black. The company also has customized programs for retail and wholesale clients, such as the Açougue Nota 10 for top butchers, present in more than 1,800 outlets, which follows the same standard of service and customer care, ensuring the best display of cuts, support in management and improvement in profitability for the storekeeper. In addition, Friboi operates the 1953 Friboi Gourmet Butcher Shop, a model implemented in the supermarket sector to offer premium cuts portioned and packaged at the consumer’s choice. In recognition of the high quality standards of its products, Friboi maintains important accomplishments, such as the seal “The most widely sold meat in Brazil”, sanctioned by the Nielsen consultancy. Recently, Friboi was certified by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) as Highly Renowned. The seal granted to the brand ensures exclusivity of use in any segment and guarantees criteria such as recognition and reputation associated with quality. The recognition was also reinforced with the title Top of Mind 2021, as the meat brand most remembered by Brazilian consumers.

 Focused on guaranteeing the origin, quality and safety of the food delivered to consumers, from animal welfare to the delivery of final products, the Company adopts best sustainability practices throughout its value chain, and constantly monitors its cattle suppliers through the use of satellite images, georeferenced maps of farms and monitoring of official data from government agencies. On the social front, Friboi has supported the Special Chefs Institute project for more than eight years and is also one of the sponsors of the Favela Cup, organized by the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) and considered the biggest competition among favela communities in the world.