6 Ways Food and Beverage Manufacturers Can Augment Operations During Labor Shortages

October 26, 2023 AIB International

The labor shortage has been an ongoing challenge for years, reaching new heights with “The Great Resignation” that began in 2021. Since then, job vacancy rates in the food and beverage manufacturing sector have been unusually high — and growing. According to data from the Consumer Brands Association, there were over 113,000 unfilled jobs in the consumer packaged goods sector in August, up from 98,000 the month before. Unfortunately, the labor crunch is happening when businesses need workers the most. 

NatureSweet Announces All Branded Tomato Products Now Fair Trade Certified, Supporting Commitment to Ethical, Agricultural Labor

October 20, 2023 NatureSweet

NatureSweet, the number one snacking tomato brand and leading greenhouse-grown produce company, is committed to grow 100% of its branded snacking tomato products in accordance with Fair Trade Certified™ standards. All NatureSweet branded tomatoes –– which include Cherubs®, Glorys®, Constellation®, Comets™, Twilights™, and D’Vines™–– are Fair Trade Certified, meeting rigorous safety, environmental protection, and sustainable livelihood standards.

Advancements in Apple Picking: An Industry Addresses Tight Farm Labor Markets

To prevent bruising and ensure farmers can harvest their crop at its peak, apples intended for sale in fresh markets are picked by hand. Consequently, labor is among the biggest expenses for U.S. apple growers, accounting for up to a fourth of production costs.

USApple Board at White House to Discuss Trade, Ag Labor

June 8, 2023 U.S. Apple

The U.S. Apple Association’s Board of Directors met this morning with White House policy staff at the White House to discuss critical issues impacting the apple industry. Sixteen USApple board members from across the country met with Joan Hurst, director for agricultural affairs at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and Kelliann Blazek, special assistant to the president for agriculture and rural policy.

4 Ways to Maintain Food Safety Standards During a Labor Shortage

February 17, 2023 AIB International

Since the onset of the pandemic, labor shortages have rattled the food industry. While employment at food manufacturing facilities increased significantly in 2022, the crippling effects of the workforce gap persist — frontline employees are stretched thin and companies may hire less-experienced temporary labor, significantly augmenting food safety risks.