Federal Plan to Save Whales Could Mean Big Changes for Lobster Industry

Federal officials recently released plans to all but eliminate risk to the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, but Maine lobster industry leaders fear the plan will only shift the risk of the extinction from the whales to the lobstermen.

Lobster Industry Adopting Sell-Off-Boat Approach During Pandemic

May 13, 2020 Sera Congi, WCVB

Lobster prices are dropping since restaurants and wholesalers aren’t buying. But now local lobstermen have a new tactic to drum up business.

Lobster Sellers Hope New Deal Thaws China Trade

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed the first phase of a new trade deal with China with much fanfare and very few hard details — especially on how the new agreement impacts the American lobster industry.

$ 20M in Fed Funding Will Help Lobster Industry Claw Back Lost Market Share

September 6, 2019 Renee Cordes, MaineBiz

Food Export USA-Northeast said it will use more than $ 20 million in federal funding to help seafood suppliers tap into new markets, with a special focus on the lobster industry.

Extra Menhaden Catch Could Ease Bait Worries for Lobster Industry

State officials hope landing the extra menhaden quota now that peak lobster season has started and bait demand is picking up will help ease fears of a shortage predicted as a result of a 70 percent reduction of landings for herring, Maine’s most popular lobster bait.