Chilean Citrus Committee Releases Initial Forecast Projects a 4% Decrease in Volume from 2023

April 5, 2024 Perishable News

The Chilean Citrus Committee estimates that global citrus exports from Chile will reach 383,000 tons this season, a 4% decline from 2023. According to the figures provided by the Committee, clementine and mandarin volumes will decline by 35% and 9% respectively. Oranges will decrease by two percent, with lemons increasing by 33%.

DiSilva Fruit and Morning Kiss Organic Grow Mandarin Program

January 31, 2020 Arrowfarms

DiSilva Fruit and Morning Kiss Organic are excited to continue to grow their mandarin programs.

California Mandarin Varieties Available From Bee Sweet Citrus to Meet Holiday Market Demand

October 23, 2019 Bee Sweet Citrus

As food trends continue to favor these small, flavorful pieces of fruit, the Bee Sweet Citrus sales team is kicking off the start of California’s domestic season with the arrival of its most popular mandarin varieties.

Orri Jaffa Mandarins Heading to North America

The Jaffa Orri is a mandarin developed by scientists at the Israeli Volcani Research Center. This easy-to-peel mandarin retains an excellent, fresh, sweet flavor with a fleshy texture, and mouthful juiciness, while bearing virtually no seeds. It also carries a particularly long shelf life and appears later in the season compared to other easy peelers – from January into May.