Is There Really a Meat Shortage? Here’s What’s Going on With Chicken, Beef and Pork

May 21, 2020 Katie Conner, CNET

Does the meat selection in your local grocery store seem sparser and more expensive than usual? You’re not the only one to notice. Many stores across the country are reporting fewer shipments of beef, pork and chicken after more than a dozen large meat processing facilities have closed their doors in response to thousands of workers testing positive for the coronavirus.

Why Customers Will Be Paying More For Beef and Pork

Prices in the grocery store meat bin are climbing to levels not seen in at least two decades as the coronavirus pandemic affects yet another industry.

One in five Wendy’s is Out of Beef, Analyst Says

The national meat shortage has come for Wendy’s. The fast food chain says some menu items are unavailable, and one analyst estimates nearly one in five of Wendy’s restaurants are out of beef.

Meat Plant Closures Tighten Supplies for Retailers, Increase Prices for Consumers

May 6, 2020 CoBank

The reduction of meat processing capacity caused by U.S. plant closures and slowdowns has created a massive bottleneck in the nation’s meat and livestock supply chain. Nearly two dozen plants that process beef and pork products closed in April due to the COVID-19 outbreak, while many others have had to slow their production as a result of the disease.

USDA To Implement President Trump’s Executive Order on Meat and Poultry Processors

April 29, 2020 USDA

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue released the following statement after President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order to keep meat and poultry processing facilities open during the COVID-19 national emergency.