Hatchery-Reared Selective-Breeding Mussels Lead Aqua-Industry More Sustainable, Profitable In New Zealand

July 23, 2021 Xinhua News Agency

Situated on a remote, quiet and scenic coast in Marlborough Sounds, South Island of New Zealand, SPATnz hatchery has made Greenshell mussel breeding hatchery more sustainable and profitable.

Vanguard International Update on New Zealand Apples and Pears

March 25, 2021 Vanguard International

The total production of New Zealand apples and pears this season is estimated to be approximately 21- 22 million cartons. The exportable crop is expected to be 19.5 million cartons.

New Zealand Launches New Global Food and Beverage Campaign in the USA

New Zealand announced the launch of the Made with Care campaign in the United States. The campaign is a global initiative designed to raise awareness of New Zealand’s food and beverages and share New Zealand’s commitment to being a trusted, sustainable global food source.

Oppy Doubles Imported Cherry Volumes as it Solidifies Growing Category

December 17, 2020 Oppy

Oppy has significantly expanded its imported cherry program from Chile, Argentina and New Zealand, doubling volumes to cater to increasing market demand.

New Zealand Butchers Broadcast a World First

November 13, 2020 Retail Meat New Zealand

The Alto Young Butcher of the Year, ANZCO Foods Butcher Apprentice and the Pure South Master Butcher of the Year competitions were livestreamed around the world with the help of commentators, roving reporters, sponsor ad breaks, a 30-strong production crew, three cameras, a nine metre-long camera jib and a lighting rig measuring a whopping 38 metres in circumference.