NWAA Announces Lifetime Achievement and Aquaculture Champion Awards

The Northwest Aquaculture Alliance today announced its “Lifetime Achievement Award” winners for 2023.

NWAA Statement On Pacific Marine Expo Franz “Activist” Panel

On Wednesday, November 8, Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz, will be leading a panel discussion of out-of-state activists during the largest commercial trade show on the West Coast, Pacific Marine Expo (PME). Members of this panel also seek to disrupt PME through other means to show opposition to so-called “industrial” seafood production.

Washington State’s Commercial Net Pen Ban “Has No Legal Effect,” Court Says; Commissioner’s Order Ruled as “An Internal Policy Directive” — Not a Ban

During the October 20, 2023, Summary Judgment Hearing in the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe-Northwest Aquaculture Alliance’s (NWAA) complaint against the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Thurston County Superior Court Judge Indu Thomas ruled that DNR’s so-called “net pen ban” (Commissioner’s Order 202211) is nothing more than an internal directive to begin the rulemaking process regarding commercial net pens in state aquatic lands.

Court Rules in Favor of NWAA, Allowing the Alliance to Join the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s Lawsuit against Washington DNR for Shutting Down Fish Farming on State Aquatic Lands

The Northwest Aquaculture Alliance (NWAA), with the steadfast support of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, today won the right to intervene on behalf its members in the Tribe’s lawsuit against the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Hilary Franz, the Washington Commissioner of Public Lands challenging the order shutting down fish farming in Washington.

NWAA Launches Grassroots Campaign Spotlighting Damage Done by DNR Commissioner Hilary Franz’s Political Decision to End Commercial Net Pen Fish Farming in Washington

In a new campaign launched today, Washington fish farming workers, who have grown affordable, high-quality fish in Puget Sound for over 40 years, are speaking out for the first time to expose the pain they and their families have endured as the result of DNR Commissioner Hilary Franz’s unilateral and unscientific decision to ban fish farming in state waters.