Survey Finds Most Americans are Concerned About the Safety of Food and Other Consumer Products – Yet Few Research Product Claims

May 17, 2019 NSF International

NSF International, an independent public health and safety organization, released a new study showing 61% of Americans are concerned about the products they put in, on and around their bodies. However, 34% say they rarely or never research product claims. Almost half (46%) of Americans say they have purchased a product despite being unsure of the validity of product claims.

NSF International Introduces Global Animal Wellness Standards

February 20, 2019 NSF International

NSF International, a global public health and safety organization known for food safety and quality, launched new Global Animal Wellness Standards to address the full lifecycle of all key species and establish best practices for how animals are kept, raised and responsibly managed. The standards are the first of their kind in establishing a universal approach to animal health and wellness.