Texas Oyster Season Opens Nov. 1 With Multiple Bay Closures

The Texas commercial and recreational oyster season opens Tuesday, Nov. 1 and closes April 30, 2023. In an effort to protect and restore oyster reefs showing signs of environmental stress, many shellfish harvest areas will be closed to oyster fishing at the beginning of this season.

Rhode Island Oyster-Growing Industry Sees Strong Recovery in 2021 After COVID Shutdown Dip

September 15, 2022 Brian Amaral, Boston Globe

The aquaculture industry in Rhode Island, which took a dip in 2020 due to COVID-19-related shutdowns, recovered strongly in 2021, the highest year in the modern era of growing oysters and other seafood.

CFIA: Intercity Packers Ltd. Brand Oyster N/Shell Royal Miyagi Ow Recalled Due to Norovirus

Intercity Packers Ltd. is recalling Intercity Packers Ltd. brand Oyster N/Shell Royal Miyagi Ow from the marketplace due to possible norovirus contamination.

VA State Supreme Court Hears Oyster Case

The Virginia Supreme Court has heard the appeal in a lawsuit filed by local oystermen against the city of Suffolk and the Hampton Roads Sanitation District.

Experts Worry Coronavirus Will Cut Oyster Demand In Maryland

Maryland’s wild oyster season started in October, yet restaurants, watermen and others worry the coronavirus pandemic will stifle demand for the bay’s briny bounty.