Announcing AFE’s Paul Ecke, Jr. and Altman Family Scholars

These six individuals have a plethora of accomplishments in the industry and have their sights set on even further growth. AFE strives to uplift young professionals and support them as they pursue futures in our industry.

Announcing the 2022 Paul Ecke, Jr. & Altman Family Scholarship Recipients

The graduate work of this year’s Paul Ecke, Jr. and Altman Family Scholarship recipients is already reshaping the floriculture and horticulture industry with improvements for growers and environmental benefits. Congratulations to the 2022 Recipients!

Paul Ecke, Jr. & Altman Family Scholarship Recipients – Flourishing Industry Prodigies

With technology, sustainability, and possibilities on the brain, all three students are aiming high for the floral future with hopes to give back to the industry through their career endeavors. They cite the American Floral Endowment’s Altman & Ecke Scholarships affording them the time and funds to pursue precise projects, ease the financial burden of their education, and expand their work.

American Floral Endowment: Apply Now for MS/Ph.D. Scholarships

December 17, 2020 American Floral Endowment

Calling all floral industry faculty, students, and department chairs! We are happy to announce we are now accepting applications for the Altman Family Scholarship and the Paul Ecke, Jr. Scholarship.