PreGel Includes Marketing as Educational Add-On

May 15, 2019 PreGel America

Aside from its artisanal dessert ingredients, PreGel is also steadfast on providing current and future business partners with exceptional educational opportunities via the PreGel International Training Centers (ITC). Consisting of 29 educational facilities worldwide, PreGel America hosts five ITC stateside that offer diverse curricula in premier education about artisanal desserts with one notable addition to the education plan for all business sizes: marketing.

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Pregel Continues to Bake a Difference with Icing Smiles

February 26, 2019 Pregel America

When relationships are fruitful, productive, and rooted in uplifting others, specifically children, it’s a union that needs to continue. Therefore, PreGel America has extended its philanthropic sponsorship of Icing Smiles, the national non-profit organization dedicated to “baking a difference” for terminally ill children and their families through the donation of elaborately designed cakes.

Education Remains a Hot Industry Trend at PreGel

December 26, 2018 PreGel America

As the new year of 2019 approaches, the question “what’s next?” tends to haunt our minds, arouse our ambitions, and charge our notions with the possibilities that can be. We begin to wonder what we can do next, how we can do it, and how we can be the best at the goals we look to achieve.