Class Action Authorized Against Alleged Nationwide Cartel That Fixed Bread Prices

Karim Renno says his recently authorized class action lawsuit against major food retailers and producers accused of fixing the price of bread across Canada is special, because a key player has already admitted to it.

Portland Restaurant’s Lawsuit Accuses Atlantic Salmon Producers of Price-Fixing

A Portland restaurant is suing a consortium of Atlantic salmon producers, alleging that the companies, most of them based overseas, engaged in price-fixing.

Canada’s Top Court Won’t Hear Bread Price-Fixing Witness Case

September 17, 2019 Canadian Press

The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear an appeal of a lower court decision that kept the identities of a pair of key witnesses in the Competition Bureau’s bread price-fixing investigation confidential.

Pork Producers Win Dismissal of Price-Fixing Lawsuits – U.S. Judge

August 9, 2019 Jonathan Stempel, Reuters

A federal judge on Thursday dismissed antitrust lawsuits accusing several U.S. pork companies of conspiring to limit supply in the $20 billion-a-year market, in order to inflate prices and their own profits at the expense of consumers and other purchasers.

Why Chicken Producers Are Under Investigation for Price Fixing

Price-fixing claims against the chicken producers have been floating around for years, in suits like the one in Illinois, but the government’s involvement is a potentially significant escalation because it means criminal charges could follow.