How Do Consumers Value Produce? Local vs Long-Distance? Cornell’s Rebecca Wasserman-Olin Studies Strawberries to Provide Insights

A new researcher at the New York Produce Show, Rebecca Wasserman-Olin, shared new research findings about how customers value various appearance characteristics and how a consumer value perception is affected when a strawberry is marketed as ‘local,’ among other key findings.

PMA Fresh Summit Virtual Booth Review as Published in Produce Business

October 13, 2020 Produce Business Magazine

Each Friday, presents the latest compilation of Marketplace participants at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit, scheduled to take place October 13-15.

UK/European Powerhouse Grower/Marketer — G’s – Puts Family Farming To Grand Scale And Builds Diverse Business In Countries Around The Globe

What is it that makes a produce company great? Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit has traveled to every continent, save Antarctica, seeking to understand this and, as of now, we list our top five criteria here. Many companies are successful, but only a few meet these criteria. One company that does happens to be the subject of our interview today. We asked Pundit Investigator and Special Projects Editor Mira Slott to find out more.

United Fresh LIVE! Virtual Booth Review as Published in Produce Business

United Fresh 2020 LIVE!, a new, free virtual event, will soon connect customers, suppliers and colleagues across the industry. Check out this exclusive review of what you can expect from these participating companies.

Nominate People Who Made a Difference in the Produce Industry for PRODUCE BUSINESS’ Vanguard Award

As PRODUCE BUSINESS reflects on the occasion of its 35th anniversary this October, what better way to celebrate than by recognizing The 35 Vanguards who have inspired many of the stories that have filled the pages of more than 400 monthly editions of PRODUCE BUSINESS?