Mission Produce to Lean Into Peru Supply and the Art of Ripening During Mexico Crop Transition

July 6, 2023 Mission Produce

Mission Produce announced a twofold approach to maintain supply reliability and quality amid the Mexican avocado crop transition: 1) leverage its owned Peruvian supply to complement Mexican size availability, and 2) lean into its mastery in the art of ripening to expertly ripen fruit at various maturity levels. 

New Avocado Ripeness Testing Method Proven Three Times More Accurate Than Industry Standard Method

June 27, 2023 Apeel

According to a recent study from the University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign’s Applied Research Institute, Apeel Sciences’ proprietary method of testing avocado ripeness is up to three times more accurate than current industry testing mechanisms. The durometer, pioneered for produce ripeness testing by the company, is an efficient and nondestructive alternative to testing avocado ripeness and is more consistent in testing ripe fruit, when compared to the existing method of using a penetrometer. 

The Importance of Postharvest Ripening and Testing of Fresh Produce

April 20, 2023 Catalytic Generators

Postharvest handling of some fruits involves additional steps that are critical to their success at retail.  Ripening with ethylene ensures that several of these commodities are at their ideal ripeness and will properly reach a dependable, ready-to-eat stage at the right time.  Ethylene is a natural plant hormone that various fruits release as they enter their climacteric stage, the period when fruit respiration increases and starches convert to sugars.

Interko Introduces Next Generation Ripening Cooler

February 3, 2023 Interko

Interko, the global leader for the design, manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art fresh fruit ripening rooms, has launched a next generation cooler that further cuts energy and labour costs for ripeners at a time when prices worldwide remain painfully high.

Mission Produce to Open UK Distribution Center With Exclusive ‘Mission Control’ Ripening Technology

February 1, 2023 Mission Produce

Mission Produce, Inc. announced the testing results of its Mission Control ripening technology and management process, confirming its ability to accelerate avocado ripening and improve product uniformity. Mission Control will be implemented for the first time in the Company’s newest forward distribution center in Dartford, England, which is anticipated to open in March of 2023.