Rudi’s Rocky Mountain Bakery Connects to its Roots with Slice of Home Campaign

November 8, 2021 Rudi's Rocky Mountain Bakery

People connect over meals and it’s no wonder that “breaking bread” is at the center of many relationships. Whether it’s sharing a meal together, sharing stories, sharing traditions or recipes bread brings us together and inspires memories of family, friends, comfort, and warmth. We all could use more of this in our day-to-day lives, and Rudi’s Rocky Mountain Bakery, a leader in small-batch organic baking, is here to remind us to celebrate and savor this Slice of Home as the world continues to change— whether you are back to school, back to the office, or adjusting to a new stage of life.

Rudi’s Rocky Mountain Bakery Delivers New Small-Batch Organic Seeded Multigrain Bread

The newest product to the brand’s lineup of baked goods is made with organic whole wheat flour and organic rolled oats, featuring a unique 24-hour fermentation process that benefits gut health, as well as yields delicious taste and texture.