Opponents of Aquaculture Operation in Belfast Go to Court

August 25, 2021 Associated Press

Opponents of Nordic Aquafarms are suing over the Belfast City Council’s unanimous decision to use eminent domain to get an easement across a piece of disputed mudflat.

Tierra del Fuego Province Bans Salmon Farming in Open-net Pens

July 6, 2021 Buenos Aires Times

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina’s southernmost province, has unanimously approved a bill banning salmon farming in open-net pens, considering it a threat to its economy and the environment.

Magallanes Salmon Association: Tierra del Fuego’s Decision Will Have No Repercussions for Chilean Aquaculture

July 6, 2021 MercoPress

Magallanes Region Salmon Breeders Association Carlos Odebret downplayed the repercussions for the Chilean aquaculture industry of the recent Argentine legislation banning salmon farms in Tierra del Fuego, adding that the industry in Chile has a thirty-year experience and situations are not comparable.

Land-based Salmon Farm Being Considered for Nova Scotia’s Chebogue Point

July 5, 2021 Carla Allen, Saltwire

The Municipality of Yarmouth is considering an application from Boreal Salmon Inc. to establish an open flow land-based salmon farm at Chebogue Point.

Large-Scale Salmon Farming Operations to Tap Geothermal

With a planned investment of $370 million, land-based salmon fish farming operations to tap into geothermal energy from the Reykjanes geothermal plant by HS Orka in Iceland.