Salmon Season Delayed for Half Moon Bay Fishermen

Fishermen in Half Moon Bay are facing a shortened commercial salmon season off the California coast due to low Chinook salmon stocks following a decision from the Pacific Fishery Management Council earlier this week.

Converging Forces Make For Worst Upper Cook Inlet Season In Decades

Low prices, an oddly timed sockeye run and another year of very poor Kenai king returns combined to result in one of the worst Upper Cook Inlet commercial fishing seasons on record.

At 56.5 Million Fish, Bristol Bay’s 2019 Salmon Season Smashes Expectations

At $ 306.5 million, the preliminary exvessel value for the salmon season is the highest in the fishery’s history. The exvessel price is the amount of money fishermen get when they sell their salmon to a processor. But the key word here is “preliminary.”

California Fishermen Report the Biggest Salmon Season in a Decade

“You might say this is the old normal, because we’ve been so used to catastrophe,” said Noah Oppenheim, executive director at the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations. “Consumers who have been facing tough prices because of scarcity of California salmon are seeing a much more accessible product.”