Adjusting to Higher Labor Costs in Selected U.S. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Industries

This report examines how U.S. producers of selected labor-intensive fresh fruit and vegetables are addressing the rising costs of labor. Farm labor costs increased from 2010-19 for several reasons, including fewer newly-arrived unauthorized workers, rising State minimum wages, and new requirements to pay overtime wages to some farm workers.

First Farm Labor Contractors in the U.S. achieve Clearview Certification for Responsible Recruitment Practices

September 30, 2021 Stronger Together

Stronger Together US is proud to announce Oregon-based AgriLabor and California-based AgSocio are the first farm labor contractors (FLCs) to achieve Clearview certification in the United States.

22,000 More H-2B Visas to be Released, in Boost to Maryland Seafood Industry

Federal officials announced Tuesday that they will make 22,000 more temporary worker visas available to meet the needs of seasonal employers, including those in Maryland’s seafood industry.

B.C. Fruit Growers Worried About Lack of Camp Space as Harvest Season Begins

July 6, 2020 CBC News

Fruit growers in B.C.’s Okanagan region are worried they won’t have enough space for workers this summer, as rules and regulations around COVID-19 have changed the way camps work.

‘Broccoli has to be Hand Cut’: Travel Limits Squeezing Flow of Seasonal Workers to Fruit, Vegetable Farms

Fruit and vegetable growers say sweeping new travel restrictions are cutting off the flow of seasonal labour to Canadian farms, threatening to disrupt harvests as Ottawa bars foreign travellers in an attempt to contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus.