Silverland Bakery Celebrates Our 40th Anniversary

March 22, 2023 Silverland Bakery

Established in 1983 by civil engineer Athena Uslander, Silverland Bakery was built on a family brownie recipe, to meet a growing demand for quality brownies, a rarity at the time. Today, their selection includes brownies, bakery bars, cookies, rice crispy treats, and natural food bars sold nationwide to cafes, grocers, caterers, and a loyal customer base.

Silverland Bakery Now Partners With UNFI & Tony’s Fine Foods

August 5, 2019 Silverland Bakery

Tony’s Fine Foods has long carried our Natural Food Bars as well as our Sugar Free Bars. Beginning this past June UNFI/Tony’s brought in a larger selection from Silverland Bakery, including all of our Specialty Bars.