Society of American Florists Issues Letter to Governors

In a letter to the nation’s governors, the Society of American Florists urged state governments to keep floral and related businesses open during the ongoing COVD-19 crisis, citing the importance of flowers to the public’s health and mental well being during stressful times.

SAF Members Prep to Take Industry Messages to Washington

January 16, 2020 Society of American Florists

“Let’s Make Our Voices Heard Loud and Clear” is the floral industry’s call to action for the Society of American Florists’ 40th Annual Congressional Action Days (CAD), March 9-10, in Washington, D.C.

State of the Floral Industry Explained

A major factor in the way the floral industry has evolved has to do with, like other industries, what is true today that was not true 10 years ago, he said. Ten years ago, Instagram was not around. Amazon was, but its influences changed from a novel idea to normalcy, and Uber and Lyft had not been established.

Rio Roses Wins 9 Ribbons at SAF

October 14, 2019 Rio Roses

The 135th Annual SAF Convention was held this year on Amelia Island in Florida. Once again, it proved to be a highly valuable and educational opportunity for hundreds of attendees.

Ocean View Flowers Joins Nationwide Effort to ‘Petal It Forward’

October 10, 2019 Ocean View Flowers

On Wednesday, October 23rd, Ocean View Flowers is joining dozens of floral industry businesses nationwide to surprise unsuspecting passersby in Lompoc with two free flower bouquets each — one to keep and one to give to a friend, family member, colleague, or even a stranger.