THE FINISHING TOUCH! Bonus AdditionTo The New York Produce Show’s Thought Leader Panel: Stefanie Katzman

It was a pleasure to have Stefanie holding the banner high for the wholesale sector, and, in general, the Thought Leaders Panel at the New York Produce Show and Conference was thought-provoking and insightful. We appreciate the willingness of such industry luminaries to share their knowledge to help make the industry better.

Bad Apple Produce Sets Sights on Minimizing Food Waste in NYC

August 20, 2019 Bad Apple Produce

Stefanie Katzman and Anya Ranganathan founded Bad Apple Produce to reduce waste in the supply chain for fresh fruits and veggies. Since launching in December 2018, Bad Apple has expanded its delivery routes to serve all of Manhattan, the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn, and has plans to add new zip codes in the outer boroughs.