Straus Family Creamery Reports Results of a Regional Farming and Food System That is Good for the Planet, People, and Community

September 24, 2020 Straus Family Creamery

Straus Family Creamery publishes its annual Sustainability Report to a public audience in its tenth year of reporting through the Sustainable Food Trade Association. Straus’ goal is to inspire other businesses in farming and food production to replicate environmental stewardship practices in their communities

Albert Straus & BMW Group Collaborate to Make Renewable Energy & Create New Revenue Opportunities for California Farmers

November 20, 2019 Straus Family Creamery

“With the current climate change crisis, the relationship that we’re forging with BMW is essential” said Albert Straus, founder and CEO, Straus Family Creamery. “Not only will this help farmers in rural communities, but partnerships like these are critical to help the planet.”

Straus Family Creamery Facilities Receive True Zero Waste Certification by Green Business Certification

November 12, 2019 Straus Family Creamery

Straus Family Creamery, the first 100 percent certified organic creamery in the United States, announces that its creamery in Marshall and its offices and warehouse in Petaluma were awarded TRUE® (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Zero Waste Certification at the Gold level. The creamery is the first in the world to receive TRUE® Zero Waste Certification.

Straus Family Creamery Celebrates Three New Farms From Rural West Marin

September 19, 2019 Straus Family Creamery

Organic dairy pioneer Straus Family Creamery is proud to welcome three new rural West Marin farms as independent organic milk suppliers to the Straus brand, recognized for 25 years for award-winning premium quality organic dairy milk, sustainable farming practices and a mission-driven commitment to rural community revitalization.

Straus Family Creamery set to Build New Main Plant in Rohnert Park, not Marin

On Monday, construction begins on the company’s new creamery, a $20 million, 70,000-square-foot structure in Rohnert Park. While the Marshall dairy plant produces 16,000 gallons of milk a day, the new one “will have the capacity to almost double that, and do it much more efficiently,” Albert Straus said.