SFA Voices Opposition to New Retaliatory Tariffs

The Specialty Food Association has submitted comments in a letter to the United States Trade Representative opposing additional retaliatory tariffs as part of the enforcement of U.S. WTO rights in the aircraft dispute between the U.S. and the E.U. The USTR is looking to either increase to 100 percent the existing tariffs and/or put tariffs on additional products such as chocolate, jams, pasta, pastries, coffee and baked goods.

Agri-Food Exports to US Spike Ahead of Tariffs Storm

The last monthly update on agri-food trade with data until October 2019 confirmed a favourable trend of EU food exports to the US ahead of punitive tariffs promised by the Trump administration.

Experts: Tariffs on French Cheese Will Cost U.S. Consumers

“It really bothers me,” said Joel LaTondress, owner of Arcadia Premium in Phoenix, which sells craft beer, wines and cheeses.

Texas Farmers Watching Proposal to Increase Tariffs on French Cheese

December 31, 2019 CARLOS GARCIA, Spectrum News

Without international varieties on shelves, farmers worry retailers that also sell their domestic cheese could end up going out of business.

Tariffs May Make Americans Give U.S. Cheeses Another Look

Consumers lose with the tariffs because prices will go up, says Janet Fletcher, publisher of the blog Planet Cheese. And yet, because it will narrow the price differential between domestic cheeses and similar imports — American artisan cheeses, usually small and “boutique,” have tended to carry a higher price point due to lack of economies of scale — this development could make people give American cheeses a new look.