Pulmuone, Makers of America’s Leading Tofu Brands including Nasoya and Wildwood, Expands California Facility to Meet Increasing Demand

December 21, 2021 Pulmuone Foods USA

Pulmuone, one of the largest tofu companies in the world, today announces a 100,000 square foot expansion at its Fullerton, Calif. facility that doubles tofu production capabilities and creates 110 new jobs. Founded in South Korea by Won Kyung Sun as a small organic produce store in 1981, Pulmuone was the first company to sell packaged tofu products in Korea. Today, it is one of the largest healthy food manufacturers in Asia and has introduced its rich tofu tradition here in America through brands including Nasoya, the country’s leading brand of tofu, Wildwood, Azumaya, Pulmuone, Sansui and Soga.

Franklin Farms Launches Exciting New Line of Chickpea Products, Including Chickpea Tofu

September 1, 2021 Franklin Farms

Franklin Farms™, a division of Keystone Natural Holdings, is pleased to introduce a new line of chickpea products to its portfolio of plant-based offerings. As the plant-based food market continues to grow and diversify, the new line of tofu made from chickpeas offers consumers soy-free options that are low-fat and allergen-free. Consumers will enjoy having additional plant-based meal options, along with the various health benefits provided by adding chickpeas to their diet and lifestyle.

Nasoya Invites Americans to Explore New Mealtime Horizons With Introduction Of Kimchi Relish and Korean BBQ Dumplings, Both 100% Plant-Based

February 25, 2021 Nasoya

Nasoya, the nation’s leading brand of tofu and other plant-based and Asian-inspired foods, is expanding its offerings with the launch of Kimchi Relish and a new vegan dumpling variety, Korean BBQ Vegetable Dumplings.

Franklin Farms Announces New Partnership with Purple Carrot

December 4, 2020 Franklin Farms

Franklin Farms™, a division of Keystone Natural Holdings, announced they have entered a new partnership with Purple Carrot, the 100% plant-based meal kit company.

House Foods America Steps Up Tofu Production to Meet Growing Demand

October 24, 2019 House Foods America

Americans want to be healthier—and House Foods America is helping to lead the way by significantly investing in its Garden Grove, California, facility, expanding its footprint by 36,000 sq. ft. and installing state-of-the-art automated machinery to increase tofu production by 50%.