A New, Blue Way to Breakfast: Vital Farms Introduces True Blues, Pasture-Raised Heirloom Blue Eggs

April 4, 2022 Vital Farms

Vital Farms introduces True Blues, a specialty carton of beautiful pasture-raised heirloom blue eggs, available now exclusively at select regional Whole Foods Market locations. True Blues is a Certified Humane® dozen of entirely blue shell eggs produced with the same animal welfare standards Vital Farms is known and trusted for by people across the country.

Vital Farms Appoints CMO, Expands Role for SVP

February 9, 2022 Vital Farms

Vital Farms announced the appointment of Kathryn McKeon to Chief Marketing Officer and the expansion of Stephanie Coon’s role to Senior Vice President of People and Strategy.

Vital Farms Shows a View of Life on Their Farms Through the Eyes of Their Most Honest Residents: The Hens.

November 3, 2021 Vital Farms

While other food producers talk a big game, Vital Farms believes in being honest and transparent, like taking real steps through its Traceability initiative to enable people to see a 360-degree video of the farm and the hens that laid their eggs. In addition, the brand launched campaigns, including “Bullsh*t Free” in 2019 and “Where Honest Food is Raised” in 2021, that unapologetically debunked misleading claims. 

From Pasture to Porch, Vital Farms Launches Its First E-Commerce Storefront: “Vital Farms Farm Shop”

October 29, 2021 Vital Farms

Vital Farms launched “Vital Farms Farm Shop,” the brand’s first e-commerce storefront. From pasture to porch, consumers can now order some of their favorite Vital Farms products directly from the new online store.