Author & Former Anchor Touts Benefits Of Healthier Beef

February 26, 2010 Jim Powers, Mundelein Review

Taking on the detective persona that many people recognize him from the A&E Network shows, American Justice, Investigative Reports and Cold Case Files, Bill Kurtis drew a picture of how history has dictated the corn-fed diet of American consumers.

Kansas Ranchers Making Kobe Beef Affordable

February 26, 2010 Staff Reporter,

A group of Salina County ranchers have set out to
increase their profits by producing the highest quality beef on the market. Its
called Kobe or Wagyu and comes with a high price tag. But luckily they have
found a way to get buyers more bang for their buck.

Innovative Beef Cut Offers More Budget Friendly Steak Option

Eating a balanced diet on a college budget can be difficult, but the flat iron
steak, a recently developed beef cut, is gaining in popularity for its
tenderness, flavor and most of all, affordability.

Coleman Natural Foods Introduces Natural Halal Certified Goat

February 26, 2010 Coleman Natural Foods

Golden, Colo.- based Coleman Natural Foods, the country’s largest organic and
natural meat company, introduces Natural, Pasture Raised Rocky Mountain Goat,
and it is available at select Whole Foods Market stores throughout the U.S.

AIFD Says To Get Ready For A

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