Discover How AgroFresh is Empowering the Business of Fresh this April  

April 18, 2024 AgroFresh

Attendees are invited to speak with AgroFresh team members about our full lineup of near- and post-harvest solutions, now including Pace International’s full portfolio of post-harvest solutions, equipment, and technical services, and the industry leading SO2 intelligent packaging technology for table grapes, berries and flowers from Tessara.    

Fresh Perspectives: Gen Z’s Approach to Meat, Seafood and Produce Shopping

This is the initial installment in a new FMI blog series on Gen Z grocery shopping habits. This series will share compelling research and cover aspects ranging from shopping behaviors to attitudes about values.

CPMA joins Parliamentarians’ Visit to Washington in Support of Canadian Fresh Produce Sector

They held discussions around issues of impact on Canada and USA agriculture trade in addition to key files for the fresh fruits and vegetable sector. These included food as medicine, the importance of integrated supply chains, food security within North America and financial protection for fresh produce sellers through Bill C-280, the Financial Protection for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Farmers Act, currently before the Canadian Senate.

Freshfel Europe’s Consumption Monitor Shows There is Still a Long Way to Go to Reach the Minimum Recommendation of 400 g/day of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

April 18, 2024 freshfel

Freshfel Europe underlines the essential features of fresh fruit and vegetables based on their strong and undisputed health benefits and their low environmental impacts. Fruit and vegetables are part of the solutions to societal concerns and consumption should be stimulated well above the minimum daily goal of 400 g per capita/day recommended by the WHO.

Sparkfly and Olo Team Up to Revolutionize Guest Engagement

April 17, 2024 Sparkfly

Sparkfly’s technology improves the personalization and specificity of rewards and limited-time offers for Olo’s brands, leading to a better overall guest experience.