BetterBrand Announces the Launch of “The Better Bun,”

LOS ANGELES – BetterBrand™, the company leading innovation in the $12 trillion refined carb space, unveils its second product category with the launch of The Better Bun. Using proprietary “grain-changing” technology, BetterBrand transforms the traditionally carb heavy bun into the net carb equivalent of two apple slices. The product also features 20g of plant based protein (the equivalent of 3 eggs), no added sugar, plus a non-GMO and keto-friendly nutrition label.

Like all existing BetterBrand SKUs, The Better Bun was precisely developed by a Certified Master Baker, allowing this ‘better-for-you’ alternative to mimic the exceptional taste and cravable texture of traditionally carb-heavy bun. The company’s innovative approach to food-technology, coupled with years of honed baking skills, delivers consumers a groundbreaking alternative to the classic bun without sacrificing quality.

Every meal deserves to be enjoyed to its fullest while leaving you feeling a sense of joy and satisfaction, which is why we’re so excited to launch “The Better Bun,” said BetterBrand Founder & CEO Aimee Yang. “Our team of experts have poured their hearts and expertise into developing this new product that we hope will enhance the overall dining experience and become a staple in households and restaurants.”

The Better Bun launches with 3 SKUs —The Pretzel Better Bun, The Sesame Better Bun, and The Brioche Better Bun — and follows the success of The Better Bagel, which quickly caught the attention of consumers, tastemakers, celebrities, social media influencers and retailers when it launched in 2021.

The Better Bun is exclusively available on BetterBrand’s website and (July 2023). The company’s hero product, The Better Bagel, is available online and on shelves in over 1,000 stores in the United States, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, The Fresh Market, Gelson’s, Bristol Farms, Giant, Harmon’s, Lassen’s, Plum Market, Wild by Nature, FoxTrot, and more.

About BetterBrand™

BetterBrand™ is a consumer food tech company leading innovation in the $12 trillion refined carb space to design a Better future of food. BetterBrand™’s mission is to reinvent the bread aisle by transforming traditionally carb-laden foods into foods that are craveable and healthier for all. BetterBrand™’s proprietary Grain-changing Technology™ combines non-GMO, clean label ingredients to create a suite of better-for-you baked goods. Its hero product ‘The Better Bagel,’ transforms the carb-heavy bagel into the net carb equivalent of two banana slices, and features 250% more protein, 90% fewer carbs, and no added sugar. For more information, visit and follow the brand on social @eatbetter.