Bread Alone Seeks to Build Twin Flour Silos in Lake Katrine

Bread Alone is looking to upgrade its operations at its Lake Katrine headquarters by erecting a pair of 35-foot-high, 8-foot-diameter flour silos, a move they say has many benefits. 

Opened in October 2013, Bread Alone’s organic bakery at 2121 Ulster Avenue has been reflective of the company’s steady growth, with even the closure of its public cafe at that location in January 2023 a move driven by a need to use the space for their employees. Bread Alone CEO last week Nels Leader said adding the silos is the next natural step.

“We’ve been here for eleven years now, and over the course of that time we’ve continued to make investments to continue to grow the business, expand our job footprint in the area, and expand our support of organic agriculture through the sale of our organic breads,” said Leader. 

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