Don’t Miss Out on the Trend of Alternative Grains and Flours in Bread and Patisserie

For people with a gluten intolerance, almond flour, teff and rice flour aren’t new or innovative. They have been snacking on buns and cookies made from alternative grains and flours for quite a while. 

But recently health-conscious individuals got interested in these ingredients too, skyrocketing the demand for these gluten alternatives. Dive in and explore the possibilities of these flours for bakery and patisserie.


Our worldwide Taste Tomorrow consumer survey already showed the potential of grains and seeds for the bakery industry. 79% of consumers globally heralded grains and seeds as power ingredients, stating they were a top contributor to both taste and health aspects of bread. In some EU countries such as Spain, Portugal and Poland, the taste perception of grains and seeds goes beyond 9 out of 10 consumers. For those who have tried nut flours or bakes from barley, this comes as no surprise. These alternative flours and grains not only cater to dietary needs but also offer a plethora of flavors and textures.

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