Build a Team of Star Bakers and Salesclerks

The Pandemic Has Made it More Important Now Than Ever!

A huge challenge facing every business in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic is staffing. Bakeries and donut shops of every size and description are no exception. It’s so important to have bakers and salesclerks who know what they are doing. Understand the baking process and your products and how to sell them to your customers, and keep your operation running smoothly It takes time to teach and develop those skills and attitudes. It’s critical that you continually build from within – both as individuals and as a team. 

Your Bakery Team – Build Up Checklist

  • Compensation – Only you know what you can afford to pay bakers and salesclerks based on your operational income and expenses.  Keep in mind that compensation is ALWAYS on the mind of your staff.  Stay current on market standards, and create a pay structure that is fair and competitive to keep your employees happy. 

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