C&H Sugar is Sharing the ‘Recipe for Happiness’ with a Fresh New Look and Brand Campaign

CROCKETT, Calif. — Since 1906, C&H® Sugar has been bringing happiness to the West Coast as a part of life’s best moments. The brand is now adding a little more sweetness for the next generation of bakers by unveiling an evolved logo and refreshed packaging redesign inspired by its California and Hawaiian roots. Paying tribute to its 115-year-old heritage, the new packaging features a custom design inspired by the hibiscus flower that has been part of the brand’s logo for decades. The modernized new logo maintains the visual attributes, like signature colors, that consumers identify with C&H®.  

“After analyzing the positive, shifting consumer attitudes about sugar and seeing the trends in the market, we knew this was the perfect time for a refresh,” said Vice President of Marketing Paula Summers. “As we evolve, C&H® Sugar remains committed to sharing the recipe for happiness by providing high-quality ingredients, expertise and inspiration to continue baking with joy.” 

Additional changes include new stamps on all products one of which indicates how the consumer should recycle the packaging in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. C&H® sugar is non-GMO and Kosher, and the label includes the non-GMO Project verification and Kosher certification.  

Furthermore, the Demerara and Confectioners products have been renamed C&H® Turbinado Sugar and C&H® Powdered Sugar, respectively, while C&H® Golden Brown Sugar has been renamed C&H® Light Brown Sugar to facilitate selection on the shelf by describing the type of sugar in terms that are more consumer – and recipe – friendly.  

The new tagline, “Baking Happiness,” creates an emotional connection with consumers of all generations by associating the brand’s premium products with their family baking memories. This message is being brought to life through the campaign Recipe for Happiness starts with C&H®. The new graphics also feature exclusive recipes created by the C&H® corporate chef, from Lemon Poppy Seed Cake to Hazelnut Frosting, consumers will find unique recipes for each type of sugar. These exclusive recipes are printed on the packaging for quick reference or on a package QR code linking to recipes on the website.  

“With the new C&H® campaign, we found the right recipe to appeal to a wide demographic of consumers, brand-loyalists and newcomers,” said Director of Brand Management Suzzette Arroyo. “In addition, the campaign is designed to offer the consumer the opportunity to connect with sweet memorable moments they’ve shared with friends and family. The new campaign solidifies the connection between baking, family, friends, and C&H®.” According to Brand Marketing Manager Ileana Durand, “Since the beginning, our experts dedicated themselves to quality, earning the respect of the baking community. Today, after more than a century, C&H® continues to deliver the highest-quality sugars, and prides itself on bringing to baking not only sweetness but also joyful memories.” 

Consumers will begin to see the new C&H® packaging in February on White Granulated, Light and Dark Brown, Powdered and Turbinado sugars, as well as the Superfine Flip-Top and Baker’s sugar. 

C&H® Sugar is available across the Western U.S. To find a location in your area carrying C&H® Sugar, please visit https://www.chsugar.com/store-locator

About C&H® Sugar Co., Inc.

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