ChipMonk Baking Company Signs Lease For Dedicated Production Facility

Houston-based CPG bakery startup, ChipMonk Baking Company, has signed a lease for its own dedicated production facility.

The startup was formed in February 2019 by co-founders Jose Hernandez and David Downing, producing cookies, treats, and dry mixes that are sugar-free, healthy, and nutritionally rich.

With its primary use of all-natural sweeteners monk fruit and allulose, the company serves a growing community of health-conscious customers with a variety of desserts that safely and deliciously fill the needs of pre-diabetics and diabetics. Communities following a keto or low-carb diet also have become raving fans of the business.

Already gaining traction at the start of 2020, ChipMonk has seen a notable spike in demand for its products since the start of the pandemic.

“The stay-at-home environment has encouraged many people to think more about their health and to start cooking and baking more at home. We’ve been able to offer a delicious option that fits perfectly in this growing trend,” shares CEO and co-founder David Downing.

The recent growth of the business put a spotlight on the immediate need for dedicated baking space. To date, ChipMonk has been operating out of a shared kitchen in which hours, equipment, and production have been less controllable. Further, the need for dedicated kitchen space also coincided with the need for increasing inventory, dedicated storage space, and expanding its production schedule.

To fund its plans, the team initiated a fundraising round and has now launched an investment campaign on NextSeed.

The new 2,300 sqft space is located at 3042 Antoine Dr (near 290). Although located in a retail space, the location will not have a storefront. The team will use the facilities for baking, storage, order fulfillment, and office space.

The lease will start in August, and the company will immediately begin its buildout and move-in process, with an anticipated completion in late September. Jonathan Horowitz, former CEO of Legacy Restaurants, is serving as an advisor for the team and also brokered the lease as the company’s real estate representative.

To supplement its own needs, ChipMonk may consider subletting certain hours in the new facility to local startups and small businesses. Vegan bakers and other similar producers who are careful and mindful of ingredients and needing a clean space have already shown an interest in partnering with ChipMonk.

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