Christopher’s Bakery, Run by Local High School Teacher Crowned Best Bakery by Dallas Morning News

Grapevine, Texas- Christopher’s Bakery has been crowned by The Dallas Morning News as the Best Bakery in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. The master bakers produce different delicious cakes and cookies including cocoa pound cakes, Bundt cakes and their signature vanilla wafer cakes.

Although officially launched in 2016, Christopher’s Bakery is the product of an age-long family recipe used in making tasty bundt cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. As a child, high school teacher and founder, Courtenay Harris says he spent many nights listening to the banging of a rolling pin crushing bags of vanilla wafer cookies. His father would then use the crushed cookies in place of flour to make the delicious cakes and give them away for free.

He’d crush the cookies, throw in some raisins, shredded coconut, cranberries and pecans and make a Bundt cake. To my eternal frustration, he’d give the cakes away to friends, family, co-workers, church members, anyone really. If they wanted a cake, he gave it to them. It was almost cathartic for him. Through the years, I begged him to sell them, but he chose not to do so, says Harris.

As part of a project in grad school, Harris created a bakery and named it in honour of his late brother, Christopher, who was born epileptic and died from a seizure (SUDEP – sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) just days before his 11th birthday.

After fruitlessly trying to convince his father to turn baking cakes into a business, Harris decided to put his business degree to the test. With his father’s guidance and recipe, the founder began making vanilla cakes until he perfected the process, to create the delectable vanilla wafer cakes that have earned the business citywide recognition.

Christopher’s Bakery operates as an online bakery – baking and shipping bundt cakes across the country. And in addition, hand-delivers baked goods to front doors and businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Perhaps the most commendable feature of the brand is the way it has structured itself as a socially conscious company. Christopher’s Bakery is in partnership with the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and the Miami Children’s Health Foundation to donate a percentage of all sales to epilepsy and neuroscience research. Please visit for info.