Companion Baking Expands Footprint to 120 New Grocery Outlets

St. Louis-based distributor of breads and pastries Companion Baking, which services award-winning restaurants and retail chains across the Midwest in addition to running two cafés, is expanding their offerings to five new grocery chains across the country.

Companion’s award-winning bread is served in more than 400 restaurants, grocery stores, and businesses around the country, and the team is thrilled to announce that they’re now offering their famous bread pudding in 120 new grocery stores across multiple states.

A list of states and new retailers is found below, as well as what they will be offering. 

·         Fresh Thyme Market (70 stores in seven states) will be selling Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Mocha, Maple Pecan and Banana Chocolate bread puddings

·         Strack & Van Til Food Market (21 stores in Indiana) will be selling The Original bread pudding 

·         Pete’s Market (18 stores in Chicago ) will be selling Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Mocha, Maple Pecan and Banana Chocolate bread puddings

·         Consentino’s Market (3 stores in Kansas City) will be selling Chocolate Mocha, Maple Pecan and The Original bread puddings

·         Price Chopper (9 stores in Missouri & Kansas) will be selling Chocolate Mocha, Maple Pecan and The Original bread puddings

About Companion:

Companion Baking is a St. Louis-based manufacturer of specialty breads and pastries founded in 1993 by Josh Allen. Serving retail, wholesale, and restaurant clients across the country, the family-owned company prides itself on building customized bread programs to serve the unique needs of each of its customers, A trusted bread partner for businesses ranging from James Beard Award-winning restaurants to grocery chains, Companion believes the creative process is as important as the loaf itself. Filling a niche in the U.S. market for a mid-size bread distributor, Companion leverages its nimble supply chain to support small growers and producers while encouraging sustainability, pushing culinary limits, and fostering friendships among its dedicated client base. Companion has two cafés in the St. Louis area and has been awarded the “Industry Leadership Award” by Modern Baking Magazine and recognized by USA Today as one of the “10 Great Places for Artisan Bread” in the U.S.