AIB International: The Top Five Reasons Manufacturers Fail Audits

Sometimes, food and beverage manufacturers fail their audits. While it doesn’t happen often, when it does happen, failure can be necessary to communicate the value of maintaining best practices in all facets of the operation. Most importantly, it serves as an opportunity for manufacturers to fix the issues found and ensure they do not happen again.

So Why Do Manufacturers Fail Audits? To answer that question, we reviewed our own data from North American inspections, 2019-2021, which offered insights into the top issues that drive failing a GMP inspection – some may know this better as an Unsatisfactory Rating. These inspections are based upon our globally recognized Consolidated Standards for inspection, which are key requirements that facilities must meet to prove their products are wholesome and safe. By better understanding the issues that are prompting failures, we can offer expertise to best address them and drive continuous improvement of food safety across the industry.

Jesse Leal, Food Safety Professional, AIB International, recently offered his expertise on the topic during the Trace Gains NEXT Conference. Here, you can access a recording of that presentation, where he offered additional insights into each of these issues. The Top Five Findings Driving Failed Audits Based on our data, these are the top five issues that are driving failed audits with food and beverage manufacturers.

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